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touhou doujin summaries

Alice Received Kiss Marks • Bon — 7 pages, ecchi

Alice receives more than kisses from Patchouli, Yuuka, Marisa, Sakuya, and not Reimu.

Alice! I Love You! • Kaoru — 4 pages

Marisa declares her love for Alice but Alice is always with someone else.

Alice's Malady • Jalapeno-Chips — 18 pages, ecchi

Alice catches a fever and Reimu tries to nurse Alice to health. Alice's clothes get taken off.

Autumn's ReiMari • Service Area SoN — 5 pages

Marisa eats Reimu's donut. Reimu becomes sad.

Breasts • Ao Usagi — 4 pages, nsfw

Reimu takes a pill Eirin made to make her breasts bigger. Marisa touches them.

Growth Status • Kawanami Izumi — 11 pages, ecchi

Alice hangs up Marisa's clothes and makes a bra for her.

Jealousy • Mitsunara — 4 pages

Alice asks what Marisa wants for lunch. Marisa doesn't hear her.

Kanofuku! • Hiraku Naki — 20 pages

Alice cleans Marisa's house. Alice finds Marisa's clothes. Marisa shows Alice off to the others.

Let's Trade! • Megumiya — 8 pages

Alice brings Remilia a Sakuya doll and asks for the real Sakuya in exchange.

Little Witch and Her Ordinary World • Shinoasa — 12 pages

Marisa becomes tiny and gets attacked by a cat. Alice finds her and is not impressed.

Love-Coloured Day • Liuka — 3 pages

It's Love-Coloured Day and Marisa asks Reimu for a request.

MariAli • Zekino — 9 pages, ecchi

Alice slaps Marisa. Marisa gets turned on and touches Alice sexually.

Natural Mokou-Killer • Chihagura — 35 pages, ecchi

Mokou asks what Kaguya doesn't like. Reisen suggests declaring her love for her. Mokou's antics backfire.

perfume • Jalapeno-Chips — 19 pages, ecchi

Marisa thinks Alice smells nice. Reimu agrees. They end up smelling all over Alice.

Re: Wait Until Dark • poprication — 15 pages, nsfw

Marisa is determined to not be on the bottom. She ends up on the bottom with Reimu anyway.

Red-White and Black-White • Ao Usagi — 5 pages

"Reimu" talks to a panda as if it were Marisa and thwarts Yukari.

ReiMari First Valentine • Yonurime — 4 pages

Reimu gives Marisa a chocolate bar on Valentine's Day. But it's not Valentine's Day.

ReiMari Kissing ♥ • Piyokichi — 19 pages

Reimu and Marisa do a large amount of kissing.

ReiMari Manga • Sorusoru Tei — 4 pages

Marisa asks Reimu for tea and Reimu gives tea to her.

Reimu Won a Bashful Marisa • Mizuga — 4 pages

Marisa promised Reimu she'd do anything she wants if she lost.

Starving Marisa's Blessed Meal ch05 • Shijimi — 12 pages

Marisa harasses Youmu for the food she's carrying to the Netherworld.

TH comic Marisa x Reimu • Riyun — 6 pages, ecchi

Marisa crashes into Reimu. They exchange a sweet conversation.

The Cat Who is Often a Cat • Oinari — 13 pages

Marisa brings Reimu a tiny Alice with cat ears. The real Alice gets jealous.

The Declaration of Yuuka's Blooming • Toto Nemigi — 7 pages

Yuuka finds out that her ability is flowers. Collateral damage ensues.

The End of the World • yuugen no tei — 4 pages

Marisa asks Reimu what she would do if the world were to end tomorrow.

The Hunter and the Hunted • Kamejiro — 8 pages

Aya and Sanae get into a playful fight. They also have animal ears.

The Present is Me, da ze ☆ • Piyokichi — 3 pages

Marisa sits in a Christmas box and gets stared at by Reimu.

Touhou Water Shortage • Makoto Noya — 24 pages

Gensokyo faces a drought. Reimu convinces the others to act out the most unlikely events.

Twilight Star. • Service Area SoN — 17 pages

Marisa asks Reimu for a request before graduation. Graduation comes. School setting.

Untitled • Bon — 8 pages, ecchi

Reimu mistakes Alice for Marisa and makes out with her.

Valentine Manga • Jiufeng Lan — 12 pages

Alice and Patchouli fight to give chocolates to Marisa. But Marisa gets chocolates from Sakuya and Reimu.